Hiya, I'm Quang the new Koushiro. Catch me at Msn or soulyofthedragon-Aim. Email address would be

Pleased to be RPing with you all and I'll be doing my best.

Hey guys, I'm finally back. My hiatus only lasted for two weeks but I haven't been back because I had no net at home. At all. For three weeks. Yeah I got bored of that pretty quick but lunchtime at work only lasts for haf an hour and I have other things I need to check on the net in that time.

If anyone wants to plot a possible reason for miya's non existence I will be more than happy to during the time I do spend online in the evening and at the weekend {which won't be as much as I used to, I got a taste for the outdoors again ^^;, but I'll be about all this week because I have no monies left ;-;}.

Hope to find you all well.

Hokai - I'm back
Sweatdrop, Oops - speakerboxxx
 Hokai - I'm back again. xD

Sorry about that, guys.  Since nobodies been poking me, I've been slacking off around here.  I have a journal in mind for Mina that I'll try and get up very soon - if I don't, please poke me.  ^^; I'm still around, just very busy and easily distracted...

and I mean REALLY easily distracted. ( Blame Harvest Moon... Damn addictive games xD )

Anyways, that's all for now. Ciao! <3

Hiatus for Mina
Soooo.... My life sucks.

Internet, phone and t.v are all dead.  The internet people don't know what the problem is and since it's a holiday, I won't have any access until Friday at the earliest... Unless I can find someone to steal net from, but so far no luck.

So ya.... So much for a happy Canada Day...

I'll try and be back soon. Sorry guys. ;-;

Short MIA! + plottage?
I'm going on a camping trip, so I won't have any internet for the next few days. I'll be back by sunday, but just wanted to give a heads up~

Aaand, on the plottage front, I remember there being mention of a chat between Hikari and Takeru and/or Michael about their relationship. I'm up for rp-ing something out when I get back, if either of you want? And some Yagami sibling bonding-time would be nice, too <3.

See you all soon :D

[MOD POST & MIA] - Heads up!
What is this, I don't see much activity around here? D8 just because I'm not here, Jess can whip your ass just fine, you know! My last exam is 6th July, so I want everyone updated till then, no more begging, because we're launching a new promo campagin then (yes, with the video I was promising ages ago, too). So make sure you post on time, and poke the absent to do it, too!


In other news, I'll be away from home from 4th to 29th August, 4th - 15th @ Lar's! 8D ... and then I go to Spain, Barcelona, for a killer 2 weeks of a Spanish course |||OTL This doesn't necessarilly mean I'll be away from the net though, as I'm looking up new PCs, but obviously with my travelling expenses, I'm a little tight budget-wise... >_>

Before I go visit Lar, I'll meet up with Vix (I hope, she promised! D8) and there's a birthday in Venice that I need to go to, and a con in Rimini, all of which are up in the air and which I'll tell you beforehand if they get to come to be. All in all, one busy summer... but hopefully the last I need to slave over books. Wish me luck! (Especially about the Spain part, I'm paranoid about going into a foregin country on my own that I barely speak a word of their language... that and being away from home nearly 4 weeks. o_O; that's gotta be my record...)

Till next available computer time,

PS: I managed to hook my bro's PS3 onto the net; I can check the mail there and sort of reply really shortly, too, so that's the place to contact me. ^^ (but G-talk doesn't work, PS3's not exactly a pc...). Good luck and I hope you're enjoying your summer! <3

France trip plotting?
Ally, you up for going green with the France trip Mina, Noriko, and Iori were talking about a while back? Or shall we wait for the lovely Lar to get back? Or is she back now?

I dunno, someone tell me what to do. ^^;

Also - Michelle! Come play with me! DX

[MIA] - definite note of absence, PC dead.
not amused
Hello guys... just saying, my PC kicked the bucket today and there's nothing I can do to fix it. u_u Yeah, I need a new one, but... no money. I also can't re-buy an internet-accessible phone right now, so yes, relying on the library and coordinating my exams with their restricted summer schedule is... next to insane. I'm sorry if I'm not on, I'm trying to do what I can, promised. Lar, I want you to know that I've got your mail, but I'm already being kicked off, so I've not replied yet. I will, as soon as I can find a connected PC again.

Sorry and please have a little patience with me. |||OTL

MIA for the week
Hey guys, just to let you know I'm taking a break from almost all online activities for a bit. I'm not in a very good place mentally at the moment and I need to take some time out to try and make things better again. I'll try to be back by the middle of the week, but I can't promise anything.

[RP Log] Iori and Mina
What: Iori teaches Mina kendo
Why: Iori and Mina are made to be geeky bffs
When: Saturday, February 13, 2010 (yeah, it's been sitting around for a while now)
Who: Iori and Mina, as well as Grandpa Hida and various students mentioned
Where: Grandpa Hida's dojo
Status: Could be considered complete, tho I think Ally and I might be adding some comments on to wrap it up.

Getting to know youCollapse )


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