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(no subject)
The Littlest Elf
red_lycoris wrote in the__digiverse
Errrm, so, just wondering if anyone is still around here.

*tumbleweeds roll by*

Seriously though, if anyone is, um, plans to attempt to bring this thing back from it's grave? We might have to shake off a few maggots or so, but hey, it'll be good fun.

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Another person!

Michelle and I are still around; we've even been working on some logs to possibly motivate people? *looks around hopefully*

Holy crap, I just now started looking at this old profile and have been feeling nostalgic, and low and behold a new post! Now that I see that someone posted a comment today, it made me smile. I know it's been a while but I don't mind starting new again with you all. <3

:D So that makes four of us still hanging around, yay!

I'm still around and would love to get back to being active again. *brushes the dust off Tai*

I, like Jess said, am still around and willing (and wanting) to play~

And also still owe Jess a log. XP

Pfft. I was belatedly working on it until you decided to be a brat and point it out!


Sooooo.... do we, the not so numerous, want to try posting again to character journals to encourage participation or something?

good plan! XD I'll get something up for Hikari as soon as I work out what to write. It's been so loooong.

Mind if I drop in too? This has been something that I've wanted to do that I barely started before we all dropped like flies :P caught this with the periodic look back.

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