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RP Log: Iori and Ken
messy hair
jade_d_green wrote in the__digiverse
Hey look, it's another log! Crazinessssss~!

What: Iori's roomie Nay is a nosy busybody who likes to make things happen
Why: We said so
When: Nov. 4, 2011
Who: Ken, Iori, and npcs, mostly Nay (the roommate)
Where: Iori's dorm and random club

When Iori'd first moved to the states in July, he'd expected to have to some adjustments to living in a foreign country. He had with his exchange studies in Mexico and their culture was closer to that of Japan's; at least in regards to formality.

Since then he'd made a lot more adjustments than he'd expected to, and was rather pleased with most of them.

His two roommates - he'd been assigned a triple room that he shared with the two other men - had gone from mildly alarming, especially in Nay's case, to comfortably familiar and reassuring; again, especially in Nay's case.

He'd found Nay disturbing at first. The other male was transgender and had taken full advantage of getting away from his family and the new independence to dress how he'd always wanted. Which involved copious amounts of glitter, ruffles, and overall super girly. Thankfully, he - or really she, to be exact; even though the administration still labeled Nay male, which was why she was rooming with two guys instead of girls - never felt the need to use the word or anything similarly cliche.

Nay was proud of who she was and all things in the LGBT community, something that she felt needed to be shared with Iori. He'd been hesitant at first. He'd only recently given his sexual orientation a second thought. Before his attempt at heterosexual dating with Noriko, there had only been Ken and a slight puppy crush on Koushiro. It wasn't something he'd ever thought to label before.

Nay had opened up a whole new side of life to him. It wasn't always wonderful, but even when it was gritty and harsh, it was real. He didn't always approve of what others in the community pushed to the mainstream. He disliked the promiscuity that thrived in the club scenes, along with drugs and other means of self abuse. Ironically, his past self - back when he was cutting - would have been more at ease with that part than the more open-minded self of present.

Next to Nay, his other roommate, Alex, might be considered dull. He was almost an American stereotype; muscled, blonde, and tall with decent grades and a football scholarship. He was nice enough, even though Nay and the LGBT community at large seemed to make him uncomfortable. He did try, though, and Iori gave him credit for that.

So, unsurprisingly, Alex had ducked out for the night before Nay and he got ready to go out for the night. Iori only let himself be pulled out the clubs once or twice a month, which only seemed to increase Nay's excitement for the times she got to play dress up with him instead of decrease it like he'd hoped.

Tonight they'd compromised on black knee-high boots, more platform than actual heel, with rather short - at least for his tastes - leather shorts and an off the shoulder top that hung loosely under a tight over-vest. He'd even been generous enough to let her way him down with several bangles hanging off his wrists and some fashionable chain/fabric stripes that hung off his belt loops and crisscrossed around his waist. Heavy black eyeliner and a hint of lip color completed the look, and of course the signature glitter that Nay felt entitled to force upon everyone she met, if possible.

She seemed overly happy tonight; he doubted it had to do with him letting her dress him up like one of Isaribi's barbie dolls, even going so far as to pick out his tongue stud so that it matched his outfit.

How she wasn't a fashion major was beyond his comprehension.

Pushing down the mild apprehension caused by the random giggling spreads Nay kept having, he headed out of the dorm with her towards what would, hopefully, be a fun evening without any of the random spurts of drama that tended to pop up here and there.
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"Sure," he weakly agreed, attempting what he hoped was an understand smile. It dropped as soon as Ken turned to the bar and waved for a drink. Another drink, Iori assumed; from what he knew Ken still drank more than he should. Not that the other man ever wanted to talk about it. The subject was always changed when Iori brought it up.

He morosely played with one of the chains hanging from a belt loop. He almost wished Nay was still there, instead of off wherever it was that she'd gone. This was not at all how he'd imagine that night would go. Instead of the usual night of fun, he might as well be alone for all the attention Ken was paying him. Alone; now embarrassed to be dressed how he was and be seen in this type of club - something he thought he'd gotten over months ago; and most of feeling generally shitty.

As if sensing his emotional distress, a stranger chose that moment to swagger over to him, eying him up and down like a piece of meat. Joy. Just what he needed now.

He averted his gaze, hoping the guy would take the hint, but to no avail. Random guy said, in what he probably thought was a charming voice, "Hey there, sexy baby, wanna dance?"

Iori stared at him blankly. "No."

Undeterred, the man reached out for his hand, as if to pull him out on the floor. Iori quickly pulled it closer to his body, arm pressed against his chest and hand curled over his shoulder. "No," he repeated and spun around on his seat. Thankfully, the stranger finally got the message and left.

Iori let out a sigh, resting his head against a propped up arm to now stare dejectedly at the collection of alcohol spread across the back wall.

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