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RP Log: Iori and Ken
messy hair
jade_d_green wrote in the__digiverse
Hey look, it's another log! Crazinessssss~!

What: Iori's roomie Nay is a nosy busybody who likes to make things happen
Why: We said so
When: Nov. 4, 2011
Who: Ken, Iori, and npcs, mostly Nay (the roommate)
Where: Iori's dorm and random club
College craziness ahoyCollapse )
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"Really?" His hand settled firmly against Ken's hip, under the shirt. "Is you growling really a bad thing, especially if makes me thing very naughty things?"

For a moment there, Iori wanted to clock himself in the head for saying 'naughty'. It was only one of the very questionable words that he'd picked up from Nay, and saying it made him feel ridiculous. Instead of hitting himself like he was imagining, he let his other hand drifted down Ken's torso and follow his other hand's lead, taking up residency on Ken's other hip.

Might as well pick up some of Nay's points if he was going to talk like her.

Ken's hands itched to do something other than hanging uselessly at his sides, though, for once, he had no clue what was appropriate. Normally he didn't operate within the boundaries of what was appropriate, so that was probably the issue. Briefly, his hands found themselves on Iori's shoulders, before they slid down to rest in the crooks of the younger boy's elbows. It wasn't the most comfortable position ever, but his alcohol addled mind couldn't come up with anything better for the moment.

The feeling of Iori's fingers ghosting across his skin had his muscles flexing against the almost ticklish sensation, though his face remained unaffected. “I never said it was a bad thing, I just think you're crazy for thinking I was, of all things, growling.”

"Alright," the brunet agreed easily, "if you say you weren't growling, then you weren't. No matter how much of a turn on it may or may not have been."

He leaned even closer, mouth only centimeters away from Ken's. For once he was almost level with Ken's height, instead of inches shorter. It was a nice change, even if he had to wear Nay's heels. "So, I guess the question becomes do you think I'm crazy for think you're sexy?"

It was uncommon for Iori to act so boldly, and Ken was struggling to decide if he liked it or not, if he should respond to it or act as though he was unaffected by the way that the younger Chosen was acting. Truth be told, it was a turn on if only because he knew that he could get more from Iori tonight than he had in... years. And that was an enticing thought – it had been far too long since he was given free roam to touch and be touched.

A little smirk twisted up the corner of Ken's mouth as Iori got even closer, his eyelids drooping as his eyes dropped down to watch Iori's makeup clad lips whisper the words...

“It's a little crazy for you to think I was growling,” Ken murmured, his hand creeping up Iori's shoulder towards his neck. “But it's definitely not crazy of you to think I'm sexy...” His long fingers fisted into Iori's dark hair, their lips nearly touching as he purred the words.

“After all, everyone thinks I'm sexy!” He chirped brightly, straightening so that he was no longer curled around Iori's body, no longer teasingly close.

Iori had been positive Ken was going to kiss him; it'd be a sure thing. He was practically screaming at the man to do it! And now this!

Really, he shouldn't have been all that surprised. Ken was prone to dark, promising looks and witty, sly words that just made the game all that much more fun to Ken. He found situations like this to be hilarious.

In the past, Iori would have just given up in disappointment and waited around for Ken to decide when they should kiss, let alone when they should have sex. He'd always been content to be the passive partner and take what was given him. Now, though...

Now he wanted to call the shots. "Shut up," Iori demanded firmly before pulling a hand out from under Ken's shirt and wrapping it around the other man's neck to pull him in for a kiss.

The pleasure that Ken felt at irritating and teasing Iori showed clearly on his face, his eyes dancing with laughter as a series of emotions skittered across Iori's face. His gloating was interrupted by Iori's urgent kiss, a reaction that both lit fire to Ken's libido and stroked his ego. He'd teased Iori enough to break him, to make him make the moves for a change.

All the gloating, the self-congratulating took a backseat to Iori's lips against his own. With a growl (that Ken would surely deny later), he took control of the situation. The hand that was resting on Iori's shoulder once again buried itself in Iori's hair, pulling the soft strands lightly. His other hand slipped around to rest on the small of Iori's back, pulling their bodies together.

The fire, the desire, only ebbed slightly when he nipped at Iori's lip and tasted the distinct taste of lipstick against his tongue, but it was enough for him to realize that maybe this wasn't the best place for them to lose themselves to their desires. He calmed enough to straighten, to pull away from Iori's lips with one last, chaste kiss.

Then, scowling, Ken wiped the makeup that had transferred to his mouth. With a husky voice, he whispered in Iori's ear, “I'd rather kiss you when you're not crossdressing.”

He let out a small snort as Ken pulled back, revealing a mouth smudged in red lipstick. He got most of it when he brought a hand to swipe at his mouth. Smiling, Iori reached out to wipe the remnant off the corner of Ken's lip with his thumb.

His hand faltered as Ken whispered into his ear. Gently stroking the other man's mouth again with his thumb, he replied quietly: "We could go back to my dorm and you can help me take it all off."

Untangling his fingers from Iori's hair and removing his hand from Iori's back wasn't something that Ken relished doing. It had been far too long since he'd been able to touch Iori, to feel their bodies against each other. He smirked when Iori wiped at his lip, “You're a sloppy kisser,” he explained by way of explanation.

His jaw clenched when Iori whispered his proposal, his desire to agree almost killing out his common sense. Would going to Iori's place tonight really be such a great idea? Would it end well tomorrow morning? “I would love to tear all of that crap off of you... then yell at Nay for dressing you in it. Then yell at Nay for a few other things...”

Wryly, Iori responded with a smug, "You're only insulting yourself then, teacher."

"I'd stay away from this shade of red, too; while we're at making improvements. Not your color." His thumb tapped at Ken's mouth in reminder.

"Guess you'll be spending the night, then, since Nay won't be back until tomorrow afternoon." Adding, mostly jokingly, "If you play your cards right, I might even let you defile's Nay's bed."

“It's hardly my fault you never learned to control your lips, Iori,” Ken scoffed, looking offended. You couldn't blame the teacher if a student just didn't apply himself to learning the appropriate technique!

“A sleep over? But I didn't bring my jammies!” And, with permission or not, Ken would find a way to get back at Nay for a number of things. Number one on that list was the embarrassment he had to deal with tonight – and he wouldn't let that go lightly.

"Well, I suppose that's the price you pay when you don't practice for a few years." He simply shrugged, letting the teasing go.

The next comment received a raised brow and a mixture of amusement and annoyance. "That's simply tragic, Ken." He gave the other man's face a light pat before pulling his hand away and untangling himself from Ken's embrace. "When you're done being clever, you can either come back with me to my dorm or head home yourself."

He brushed a chaste kiss against the other's lips before turning on his heel. "I'll be at the coat check. Otherwise, I'll talk to you later." With that, he disappeared into the crowd.

A slight scowl found its way onto Ken's face at Iori's dry response, with his general detachment from the situation. A few minutes ago Ken could have gotten some ass in the middle of a club, and now? Now he got a peck on the cheek and a dismissive goodbye. “When you're done being clever,” he mocked under his breath. Iori should know he was never done being fucking clever.

With that snide though, Ken's decision was made. This whole night was a lie entangled with a mistake, even if Nay had lied with good intent. If he followed Iori home and had his devilish way with him, he was sure that this would be brought up in the future in one of the fights they'd surely had. He should've known better, should've known Iori wouldn't invite him to a club.

A club where he cross-dressed! There was entirely too much to think over about this night before he allowed himself to slip between Iori's sheets, too but they needed to talk about without having to shout over the bass of the music.

Before heading to the coat check, Ken went back to the bar to knock back another shot and close out his tab, like a responsible adult. He figured Iori would wait the few minutes that took...

He was wrong.