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So whos alive?
pineapplprodigy wrote in the__digiverse
We talked about reviving this.  nothing happened. :I

Not gonna make the effort at the moment to start stuff up, but just curious who still checks in

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Still here; still waiting on another player to finish/start logs so that I can do something with Iori besides randomness.

I'm alive as well. I'll have more time after next week, but I have finals coming up.

Still here, I swear D: I feel bad for being all "Revival!" and then disappearing myself... *promises to update tonight*

Actually, I know before we talked about group chattage. Anyone up for that, and when is everyone available? I can be on anytime I need to be on weekends and mondays.

I can be around usually Mon - Wed most of the day and Thursday and Friday nights. As for Saturday/Sunday it's usually hit or miss. I tend to be on more in the mornings than in the evenings.

I'm around Monday and Friday afternoons to night; other than that, I'm only around randomly. Weekends are crap, tho.

Mondays and fridays along with weekends work for me.

I always wanted Mimi to open up in this roleplay, but she never did XD I never stopped following it, though. I'd be interested in helping out with a revival effort, though. If newcomers are welcome ^^

Alright guys, little bit of late notice, but I'll be online pretty much all day/night today, so just poke me if you're on!

Alive, too. Sort off. Let me update people. x_x

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