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*Massive Poke*
angry hikari is angry
glowing_skies wrote in the__digiverse
So I think everyone's noticed that practically no one is updating (myself included). And that totally needs to be fixed. Not entirely sure what happened, but somehow we went from "YAY RENEWAL" to practically dead.

So, um, here goes me trying to round people back up? I know I'm not a mod or anything, but I really love this rp and don't want to see it die out. So why not make our own attempt at reviving it, at least until a mod steps in?

Erm. So who's still around, and can anyone poke at others who have slipped off the face of the earth?

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I'm around; I haven't been posting since I'm currently working on a log with Michelle and don't want to write something that could contradict the log.

I think the only sorta-active people we have at the moment are you, me, Anna, Quang, Knight... maybe Alana, Michelle, and Ally too, although I'm not sure about them. Lar declared a MIA a while back and I have no idea if she's back from that yet or not yet. I poked all the rest of the players that hadn't been around in forever a while back. The only person I heard back from that was Katya and she's left, so... yeah.

Go team~! XD;

Ack, forgot about Sophie; she's a semi-active too. *fails*

Still here :P. It'd be nice to do something significant. I did a log with Alana about a month ago which I think she has stashed somewhere.

Its a little tough to keep making journals when there aren't many others that are doing stuff. So lets get stuff going :)

I'm here so we need to do a log sometime. I tend to get busy so whenever you see me online you can poke me.

Yeah, I think that's the main problem. I have no idea what to write about because, well, there's not much going on. At least there're some logs floating around XD

Oh wow, I'm so sorry everyone. I have tried hard to think up of what to write for my journal this week and I am deadlocked. I seriously cannot think of anything for poor Mimi to write about. I do check up on here every now and then so I am not dead. I would love to bring this place active with you guys.

You think we should all contact each other on MSN group chats this week? I'll try to make myself available, though it will be hard. I just started school and it takes up most of my day. I will try though! We can also do a mini event involving all the people here, like us going to the digiverse for vacation or an adventure? Anything will be nice.

Again, I'm sorry for not writing this week. I'm gonna try and look for inspiration. Wish me luck! <3

Msn group chats sound like a good idea. Just pick a time and we'll get to it.

Group chats = awesome idea. Might be hard with the timezones and all, but I'm sure we can all make it work :3

I am about but.... we have no net.... again *wails*. No idea when it'll be back, posting this from work currently and I cannot be on msn at work at all, I only get half hour for lunch as well so... good luck with everything I'll be about when I can *sulks*.

D: Nooo! Hopefully it'll be back soon ;__;

Well I am still around! I posted on the comm that I am at a stand still with Walllace, there is really nothing going on for him to play with and with the character changes/leavings we are not really sure where to jump in if that makes sense... If anyone is willing to make a log with me just shoot me a comment or email and we can work something out.

Really the best way we could get this started is if everyone could post a journal. It'd probably be easier to grasp where everyone is right now through that.

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