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[mod post] - Revival Meme
9_miles_high wrote in the__digiverse
So this morning our Princess had a wonderful idea as to how we get right back on track and update everybody else. Part of her email under the cut.


Do you have any ideas as to how we can get things going again?

Well.. I think we should have a survey in the main community. (: A few of us probably need to get in touch with our characters again. Or with each others' characters. (Or, well, I need to. ;D) It'd be a bit like an in-depth application, I suppose, though we're not really applying for our characters again. The players would fill in the character's history in bullet points (including the years we missed out – eg. college, work), his/her main personality traits, main relationships, etc. Other characters could comment on the threads of the character too, saying, like, 'Oh, my character liked your character in 2008 because..' or something – to fill in the blank spaces. Something like this (from a RPG I joined late last year), since it really helped me get in touch with the character I was making up at the time:

qualities and descriptions:

4 - 8 characteristic that describe your character. be sure to choose things like priggish, theatrical, egotistical... things that you can go into depth about. the minimum amount is four. feel free to post more than the suggested maximum of eight if you wish. remember, quality over quantity.

quality – description
quality – description
quality – description
quality – description etc...

history ,

name, age spelled out, relationship to character
– description of relationship with character.


name, age spelled out, relationship to character
– description of relationship with character.

timeline history

– In this timeline format history, you must create a timeline of eight – ten or more important events in your characters life.
– eg. catherine goes to japan as an exchange student and lives with takeru and his mother. the crush she has on him – that first appeared in 2002 – begins to resurface. however, when she realizes that he likes daisuke, she backs off.. and cries herself to sleep.

– while takeru heads off to france, she begins to harbor a crush on wallace, & later on the two get together. etc. etc. etc. (:
– important event
– important event
– important event
– important event
– important event
– important event

BUT of course that's only if it's needed. I'm only sending this email to you and Kitsu (hey hey dear!) because I'm shy (see what time's done to me?!) & yes. I don't want to ruin the reminiscing. ;)

((lol, dear, no need to be shy. X* We'll get you right out of this shell - and come reminiscing with us, you! *huggles*))


So. Your mission? Fill out and post here for others to see and brainstorm over.

Allow me to go first. ^^

PS: Those of you who haven't, please check your e-mails! Or this thread.

PPS: This is Kitsu, btw. O.o

Takaishi Takeru (nearly 18) - 高石 タケル

* qualities and descriptions:

Takeru is:
gentlemanly – He's generally nice and pleasant to talk to. His pet peeve is opening doors and holding chairs for women, even his mother. He will also never let a woman pay for her drink in his presence. It's not something he does to gain reputation, it's automatic, and part of his semi-French upbringing.
self-aware – He may be nice, but he's intelligent enough to find his footing around sarcasm and insults without resorting to fists like he did during middle school. He cares what people think of him.
organized – Now a college student, he still has no bigger coursework problems, even if he is forced to pull an all-nighter every now and then. He's also fairly capable of keeping financial matters in check.

… but he's also:
a closet flirt – He never forgot the brief attractions he may have nourished for people other than Daisuke (Taichi, Kai (his basketball sempai), Michael). It shows in the way he behaves more charmingly around them. He wouldn't admit that, or do anything about it, though.
two-faced – He may lie, or suppress the truth, if he has a good reason or deems it's for the greater good. This also applies to his generally gentle and calm behavior in contrast to the insatiable, sometimes rough, challenge he presents in bed (get him drunk and you'll see what I mean… ^^; ).
over-protective – he may not show it, but people he considers extended family being under any sort of threat, may result in him reacting in a pretty merciless way. And he's not quick to forgive and forget, either.


* family

Natsuko Takaishi (43), mother – While Takeru had showed his disapproval of their parents' divorce and, later on, his mother's relationships with other men, he eventually grew out of it, seeing her as a beautiful, mature, woman who needs attention. By the end of high-school they grew closer and he's very affectionate towards her. She came to accept Takeru's relationship with Daisuke relatively easily, feeling it was not her place to lecture him about his preferences when her own choices had led her to divorce.

Yamato Ishida (21), brother – Takeru had always loved his brother. He straight-out idolized him all the way till high-school, when he started realizing Yamato was also just a confused, sometimes straight-out antisocial and headstrong young man. He would still nourish a strong affection towards him, never having problems to hug him or talk to him about most of anything, growing to be more of a close friend for him than a younger brother that needs babysitting.

Hiroaki Ishida (46), father – Takeru had never had any problems or arguments from his father. Since he was little, he had always thought him the victim of the divorce (which wasn’t the case). When Natsuko learned Takeru was in a relationship with a boy, she called Hiroaki to get his opinion – it was he who had recalled the stress their divorce had put on their children and that they owed them both support. Hiroaki never actually demanded to be considered a father-figure to Takeru or lecture him, but growing up, Takeru would come to him for advice and consider him one anyway.

Re: Takaishi Takeru (nearly 18) - 高石 タケル

* friends/relationships

Daisuke Motomiya (18), boyfriend – Despite their initial rough start, Takeru had ended in a relationship with Daisuke for several years now. Despite their apparent differences, a whole set of deeper characteristic details keep them perfectly balanced. Takeru does not have complicated expectations of Daisuke – during the years he has learned to make himself perfectly clear to the other. Their relationship had been difficult to maintain because of the distance, but having survived it had shaped them both to be more patient and less hot-headed. Takeru will not indulge in public displays of affection easily still (not because he’s shy or ashamed, but out of respect towards the others), he will rather slip into subtle signals and looks, but behind closed doors (or when drunk – which he isn’t often) he won’t hesitate in the slightest.

Patamon (10), digimon partner – Patamon is Takeru’s constant companion. Takeru shares his personal life with him, but does not go more than necessary into details of his relationship with Daisuke. He’s not sure his digimon understands why his sleeping arrangements are in the living room instead of bedroom – but the rest is no secret between them. He also still carries him on his shoulder, at all times.

Hikari Yagami (nearly 18), childhood friend – Over the years, Takeru had grown less guilty about ‘taking’ Daisuke from her (he had felt guilty far longer than she held the grudge). He treats her with respect and would hardly ever say no to a direct request from her, still. He considers her part of his ‘extended family’, and would willingly accompany her shopping or out at night for Mr. and Mrs. Yagami to sleep soundly without worries… and have a great time with her at the same time. :D

Taichi Yagami (21), friend – Sometimes, Takeru wonders, even if he tries not to. The only time Takeru had ever argued seriously with Yamato was because of his brother’s undefined relationship with Taichi and Takeru could not stand to see them hurting. Taichi is not just ‘Hikari’s older brother’ for him – there was a time during his ‘off-time’ with Daisuke that Takeru found himself in a dubious situation where he had seriously considered his attraction to Taichi. He had never voiced it, because he deemed it one-sided and capable of creating more drama than it was worth. He will gladly hang out with Taichi at all times, and act like a translator for his brother’s mood-swings.

Catherine (18), friend – Sweet, blond Catherine had been Takeru’s first and only female crush (by the time he was ready to consider Hikari, Daisuke was already confusing him). Out of all of his female friends, he treats her most like a princess in every possible way. Her relationship with Wallace had surprised him and made him feel a bit uneasy (like first crushes always do) but he never showed it or never said anything against it. He does, however, feel a bit out of place if left with the two of them alone.

Ken Ichijoji (19), (sort of) friend – Now. Takeru may not be ill-predisposed of Ken, even considered everything that happened between them, but he remains weary of him. He does not leave him and Daisuke alone without some kind of an afterthought, despite trusting Daisuke. He doesn’t yet trust Ken, but he’s trying.

Iori Hida (16), digevolution partner, friend – Over the years, Iori’s romantic predisposition towards Ken and his protectiveness of the later had Takeru drifting away from him. He had failed to understand him, which mostly lead to an unspoken detachment from his part. College had swept him further away from the other, but he hopes things would patch up as they used to be in their Digiworld times.

Michael (20), friend – There may have been a combination of blonde and curly that had been Catherine and of that warmness and protection that Yamato offered what had Takeru drawn to this pretty American, but Takeru had kept his distance before it started getting too involving. Michael flipping his hair may still make him steal a furtive, wishful glance, and he will not refuse the other’s teasing flirting, but he’ll always strive to keep the line drawn… (good luck, Michael! XD)

qualities and descriptions:
Miyako is
Bright: Miyako is a generally quite intelligent young lady, though she does sometimes lack some common sense and tact.

Bubbly: Miyako is very well known among her friends for her rather exuberant personality, which comes in handy when she's trying to convince people that her ideas are actually any good.

however she is also

Moody: Miyako's mood can swing from extremely excitable to extremely depressed, sometimes in a matter of hours which makes her quite unpredictable at times.

Obssessive: When Miyako gets an idea into her head, she often goes too extremes to follow it through, even if it isn't the world's best idea.

history ,
Mantarou(27): Miyako's older brother is now 25 years of age and is about to graduate from college. He has moved out but still lives close enough to help out in the shop when he's needed.

Momoe (25): Miyako's eldest sister is still at college but she stays at home and helps out in the shop the most. Momoe has helped her youngest sister out a great deal over the last couple of years, acting as a go-between foor Miya and the rest of the family

Chizuru (23): Miyako's older sister does not have a very good relationship with her, though this has calmed down a great deal. Chizuru also has a bad habit of skipping her shifts in the shop, leaving Miyako to take those shifts, which annoys the younger girl greatly.

Hikari Yagami (17/ nearly 18) ,DNA digivolve partner
Hikari and Miyako have remained fairly close over the last few years, their bond deepening during the last year or so during a very rough time in Miyako's life. Despite Miyako often being very reluctant to talk about her problems she has confided in Hikari almost as much as she has confided in Hawkmon. She will often drag the girl out shopping just to get the younger girl to lighten up somewhat.

Hawkmon(7), Digimon partner
Hawkmon is Miyako's closest confidant and constant companion. Despite the digimon being rather proud he does have a soft spot for his partner and Miyako has come to trust his judgement completely over the last year or so.

Sora(21), friend
Miyako has grown quite close to Sora, often going round to the flat she shares with Jyou to watch girly movies and eat ice cream. Miyako enjoys spending time with the older young woman because she also tends to take great pleasure in teasing Jyou about the fact that the oldest Chosen tends to sit around and watch the movies with the two girls.

Jyou(22/23), friend
Despite Jyou having been rather... overly worried about her {and possibly still convinced that Miyako is crazy} Miyako respects Jyou's opinion and advice a great deal. She does still tease the older Chosen about his fascination with romantic comedies and daytime soapp operas, but it's all in good fun and she never reallly means anything by it.

Iori(16/17), friend
Miyako had always been very close to Iori and had taken on the role of something of an older sister to him. Over the last two-three years, Miyako has distanced herself somewhat from her old friend due to everything that went on between them, but she hopes to patch this relationship up since she still cares a great deal about him, still seeing him as a younger brother oof sorts.

Daisuke(18), friend
Miyako cares a great deal about Daisuke, given a semi-shared problem over the last year or so. She still teases him mercilessly given half the chance, but she tries not to seem nearly as vindictive as she used to.

Aw man. This is going to super take me time, seeing as Tat didn't get much use last year and she doesn't have a super deep history.

Why? O.O You can just make things up then. xD No need to actually SCAN ALL THE JOURNALS like I had to, lol. *amused* It's was good exercise tho. XD I feel ready to get back on track anytime now. ^^

Oh crap. Can I still play?

Huh? o.o Why, did you think we'd deny you? XD I want my Taichi flirt, you know! *bates lashes* ... XD

Oh, wow XD This may take me a while! *goes to reread journals*

Firstly, let me just say that after seeing Kitsy’s? I was kinda terrified to follow it up, but I have tried my best so here~ I can NOT be serious for a second *hide*

Qualities and descriptions.
Daisuke Taro Motomiya, 18.

Self assured - He has a lot of belief in himself and his ability to do what needs to be done. This should not be confused with self confidence though; he may seem to have both in abundance on the surface, but for the most part he acts up to expectations on that part and spends a great deal of time worrying about messing up.
Open -He doesn’t see the point in secrets and will more often than not blurt out how he feels or act on some random impulse to ‘seize the moment’. He speaks his mind and cares little what people think of him because of it – love him or hate him, you deal with it, not him.
Cheerful - He likes people to be happy and figures the best way to do that is to be happy himself. He acts up to get laughs, even if he doesn’t much feel like smiling himself, he knows it is important to morale and the team.

Pig-headed - Once he makes up his mind about something? It is unlikely you’re going to get him to change it.
Rash - His decisions can seem rather impulsive at times, sometimes this works out, some times it doesn’t, but either way he rarely sits back and thinks a situation through before acting out. He is getting better at this as he ages, though.
Short tempered - Mostly his angry words are spawned from a frustration of not being able to understand or to put his thoughts into words to make other understand and again, are impulsive and not thought through. He very rarely speaks out with the intention of hurting.

Edited at 2009-02-22 10:04 pm (UTC)

Family -

Taro Motomiya (45, Father) – Daisuke lived with his father after his parents split up and before moving to France, he will also move back in with him when he returns. His father is both supportive and happy of his son’s relationship with Takeru, wanting what is best for him and that being the main reason for him divorcing his wife. The two are closer than they were before because of this support and he is one of the few people Daisuke will actually listen to, feeling like he owes him for standing up to his mother when he could not.

Aimi Yamagata (45, Mother) – Daisuke has only recent started speaking with his mother again after she threw him out for dating Takeru, but not before she tried to keep the two apart by grounding him and such before-hand. It is unclear as to why she took this route with her son, but has since tried to make something of a mends which Daisuke is still a little wary of as she has never given her reasons for her actions to start with.

Jun Motomiya (21, Sister) - Daisuke and his sister as close as it is possible for two people who almost always rub each other up the wrong can be – they are very similar in nature and they have a typical sibling relationship although perhaps with an added closeness thanks to them going through the same things with their mother. Daisuke cares about his sister a lot, although is unlikely to admit that to just anyone, and can get fiercely protective of her, despite being the younger of the two.

Hey, quick question. Is our Mimi applicant a go? Just wanted to know so that I can whip her into shape if needed. XDD

I emailed her the address she submitted, but haven't gotten a response so feel free to poke away~!

catherine adèle delaitre (17)

* qualities and descriptions:

catherine is:
romantic – Though she's one of the most down-to-earth of the Chosen Children, Catherine often wishes deep inside that she were a character in a movie or a play. She might be calm, comforting, and reasonable most of the time, but she longs for excitement in life and love, and for someone to sweep her off her feet (and to be the Romeo to her Juliet, minus the tragic ending).
sophisticated – Being from a rich French family, Catherine has been exposed to the finer things in life, and she enjoys them immensely. This, of course, comes with interaction with equally well-off society people, and so she knows to always be gracious and polite. Besides that, she can dance, sing, and charm things out of others, and she treats everyone equally, which is a sign of good breeding.
understanding – Catherine has the gift of being able to sympathize with people, and she can put herself in their shoes when she has to. She loves hearing their stories, and tries to give helpful advice as often as she can. Usually, though, she is just a listener, someone to unload onto - someone who does her best to speak without judging.

... but she's also:
pessimistic – Catherine does not like to be proved wrong if she will only feel worse afterwards, making pessimism the usual aura surrounding her. If she is already feeling bad, she figures that it can't any worse, and that it's only uphill from there. Another way of putting it is that Catherine is optimistic about everyone's lives except her own, though whether this mentality is caused by something hormonal or by her environment is anybody's guess.
indecisive – As much as she wants to be sure of everything she does, Catherine has a hard time deciding what to say or do, being worried of people's reactions and the consequences. Making up her mind is difficult, and though it adds to the drama, it takes a toll on her psychological health.
self-absorbed – Perhaps it's one of the side effects of being doted upon, but Catherine can't help thinking about herself often. She cares very much about her friends, but how their situations in life affect her is usually what she worries about, and when she has to choose between putting herself or her friends first, it is always a close fight.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Okay, question time again! I'm wondering if anybody knows if Japan has an equivalent other American/Canadian GED. For all who don't know what that is, the GED is a test that counts the same as a high school degree. I've been surfing the net, but haven't found anything useful yet. T_T So if any of you guys know that be really helpful!

Well, we don't have that in England, so I am of no help >_> I'll ask my friend who's majoring in Japanese langauge and culture for you though - just poke and remind me because I fail ^^;

I DO seem to remember learning a lot about in another RP I was in but sadly, that was years ago and none of the links I had work anymore... They have Entrance exams before moving to each new school, I remember that, but I think there's something else as well which comes up a couple of times a year...

So yeah, to go from high school to College they take Entrance exams but I dunno if that helps or not, i'll find out ^^

(Deleted comment)
XDD GOOD! because I'd feel bad abpout doing that >_> Although, as contact mod I guess I spend a lot of my time doing so, anyways XD;

Hey, look, it's Question Time again! lol This time I was wondering if we could pin a specific date for the final battle. It would be most helpful for me with Iori's plottage.

Shouldn't that be... September 2007?

I'm going to try to do this this week. I swear I was going to do it monday but our whole schools internet was out so I had no access to this (fail.) I sort of want to see where everyone else is with their characters/are they all going to the same school because I might transfer Tat to Japan for a semester/year? Also not sure how to describe a lot of Tat's relationships with the digicrew because she doesn't have these massive years of history ( and she hasn't appeared in anyone's revival memes at all so she is feeling a little left out ).

Also I have a few questions. Michael is open right? So I can still mod him a bit as the only other one in NYC.

...and can I get to my original application somehow? I forget what Tat's youngest brothers name is :'( *FAIL*

Found your app, but none of Tatum's siblings' names is mentioned. Your first post on your LJ has them though, so yay! ♥ (:

I'd like Catherine to stay here in France for one more year, then to return to Japan. She's been going back and forth so much that it's already unrealistic! The Chosen can move around through the Digital World, at least, which is what I'm going to make Cath do if she needs to hang out with anyone. ♥

I can put Tatum in Catherine's, if you want! (: Want me to email you about their possible history – I mean, even if they're not close, I'm sure they'd appreciate having friends from all the way over theeeeere, yeah? :D Or you can email me first – I'm ryukyuanprincess[at]gmail[dot]com. (:

Hikari Yagami (nearly 18)

Most of this was written early in the morning or between classes, and that's my excuse for any mistakes or things missing >>;;

qualities and descriptions:

Compassionate – She hates seeing others get hurt, especially if she’s the cause of it, and will do anything to help her friends. Has been known to do anything from moving halfway across the world to letting herself be taken by big scary monsters in order to stop others from being hurt.
Perceptive – Hikari usually knows when something is wrong. She can’t always explain it, she just gets feelings. Most of the time she’ll keep these to herself unless there’s something else that points to trouble.
Tense – Hikari tends to stress out over things, though she doesn’t like to let it show. She’s trying hard to be more relaxed and easygoing, but still gets caught up in stressful situations.
Quiet – She’s more of a listener than a talker. She keeps her thoughts to herself unless she thinks something needs to be said.
Secretive – While she listens to everyone else’s problems, Hikari likes to keep her own to herself. This is partly because she doesn’t want to be a bother, and partly because she doesn’t want others to see that side of her.
Insecure – She doesn’t think she’s very strong, and tends to rely a lot on others. She can see the good qualities in other people, but not in herself. Because of this, she doesn’t realize how much other people care for her. In short, she’s very unsure of herself and her decisions.



Taichi Yagami (21), brother- Hikari loves her brother very much and looks up to him, wishing she could be as open and confident as he is. She doesn’t see him as much anymore, and is still getting used to the fact that he’s not always around when she needs him.

Yuuko Yagami, mother- Hikari has a fairly normal relationship with her mother, who cares for her very much. Her mother is very protective of her, however, and has been ever since Hikari was very little, mostly because she was so sickly. Yuuko still treats her daughter as a little girl even though she’s nearly 18. Hikari loves her ‘Kaa-san, but has a small bit of supressed resentment for always acting like she’s something that will break if she’s so much as touched.

Susumu Yagami, father- Again, a fairly normal relationship. Susumu is less protective of his daughter than his wife is, possibly because he isn’t around as much. Hikari enjoys talking to her ‘Tou-san when he’s not at work, or watching something on T.V. as they have similar tastes.


Tailmon (10), Digimon partner- Tailmon probably knows Hikari better than the girl knows herself. She’s protective of Hikari, but also knows that she can hold her own, and is often trying to get her partner to trust herself more. Hikari can confide in Tailmon easier than she can any humans.
Takeru Takaishi (nearly 18), best friend- Aside from Tailmon and her brother, Takeru is usually the first person Hikari will go to if she needs someone. Friends for going on 10 years, Hikari trusts Takeru completely and would do anything for him.
Daisuke Motomiya (18), close friend- She had a major crush on him in 2005, but has since cxome to accept his relationship with Takeru. Hikari enjoys Daisuke’s company and his open personality which always manages to make her smile.
Miyako Inoue (19), close friend, DNA digivolve partner- Hikari has gotten very close to Miyako over the past year or so. The older girl tends to drag her along to shop, and Hikari enjoys spending time with her.
Iori Hida (16), friend- While not as close to him as she is with the others, Hikari still considers Iori a friend and tries to keep in touch.
Ken Ichijouji (19), friend- Again, not as close to him as she is with the others. Hikari does share a bit of an understanding with him, having dealt with the darkness a bit herself.

Re: Hikari Yagami (nearly 18)

Jun Motomiya (21), friend- They became very close after Jun found Hikari’s kitten, and Hikari had a small crush on Jun for a while. She has come to see the older girl as the sister she’s never had.
Sora Takenouchi (21), friend- She still see’s Sora as a motherly figure, just like she was in the digiworld.
Yamato Ishida (21), friend- Hikari sees Yamato as a kind of second older brother, as he seems to be nearly as protective of her as her brother.
Mimi Tachikawa (20), friend- After spending three months with Mimi in America, Hikari got fairly close to her, but she doesn’t see her very often.
Koushiro Izumi (20), friend- She still talks to Koushiro, though not very often.
Jyou Kido (22), friend- She’ll sometimes go to Jyou for advice if the situation calls for it, though she doesn’t see him very often.

timeline history

– March, 2005: Hikari starts to realize she has feelings for Daisuke, and asks Takeru to help her out. She goes on a date with Daisuke, but notices that something doesn’t seem right. Hikari tells both Takeru and Daisuke to meet her at the park to discuss things, but she ends up not being able to go.

– April 2005: Hikari finds out about Takeru and Daisuke. She’s offered the chance to go on an exchange program to New York for three months and decides to go, breaking up with Daisuke because she believes he and Takeru can be happier without her there. Feels selfish, and also a little betrayed.

– April-July 2005: Stays with Mimi in America. Starts to feel very lonely and insignificant. When she returns, Hikari is unsure of how to act around Daisuke or Takeru, or what to say to them. She ends up mostly avoiding them for some time.

– Sept. 2005-Jan. 2006: Depressed over the Daisuke/Takeru situation. Feels very alone and even starts to question her own existence, and whether anyone would notice if she wasn’t there. In January she sees what she thinks may be flashes of the dark ocean, but these go away and she passes it off as just her imagination.

– Feb. 2006: Starts to reform her friendships with Takeru and Daisuke, finally coming to terms with it and realizing that she isn’t jealous anymore, though she does want the kind of relationship the two of them seem to have.

– Mid-late 2006: Begins to get closer to Jun, after she finds Hikari’s kitten. Hikari takes care of Jun when she gets sick, and starts to develop a small crush on her (possibly because Jun is so much like Daisuke). She keeps this to herself, though.

– Nov. 2007–Sept. 2008: Miyako tells Hikari about Amon, and Hikari tries her best to help her friend out. Through the whole thing she can’t do much else than be there for the people she cares about and spends most of her time worrying over what’s going to happen. Hikari also starts her final year of High School, adding more to her stress.

– Early 2009: Hikari has started applying at Universities and is nervously awaiting the replies. She’s decided on trying to become a teacher, and doesn’t want to go off to college anywhere too far away from her friends and family.

Sora Takenouchi, 21?!

qualities and descriptions:

Mother hen;; Sora is (one of) the mother hen(s) of the group; she can't quite help but worry about everyone's safety. Of late, she's been a little bit selfish and has since kicked her arse into gear, checking up on people more than they'd probably like to, but hey, at least she's returning to normal. She really just can't help herself – she cares about the others too much to let them screw things up for themselves.
Indecisive;; Sora is ridiculously indecisive and really shouldn't be allowed to organise anything, because she'll keep changing her mind and then it won't get done. When she really has to, she'll act on her gut instinct, but in everyday life she's a nightmare. She's changed her university course about three times already, hasn't she?
Adventurous;; Sora likes to be out and about, and if there's something new and interesting on the horizon then she'll jump at it. She has ditched Japan for trips in the past and enjoyed them immensely, but deep down she'd much rather return home at the end of it. That's what makes adventure so much fun – that you can go home and share it with the people you love at the end of it.
Ambitious;; Sora dreams of doing something truly useful with herself, although what that's been has changed a few times. Soccer star, tennis champion, florist, writer and now fashion designer, Sora's got it into her head that she can do something truly great, and she probably could if she just settled down and got on with it. Maybe she's finally picked the right thing this time...
boy crazy;; Sora goes through boyfriends like no one's business and she can get a little crazy about them at times. She completely blames Mimi and her bad influences for this fact, but really it's nothing worse than most normal girls. She just hides it better than her female friends do.
a little ditzy now and then;; Sora can be a space case at times, especially when she's got a great idea in her head. While she'd never forget something important, she has a tendency to forget some of the smaller things about herself these days, like eating. She'd always make sure everyone else was looking after themselves, but she doesn't quite manage it for herself.
Conscientious;; Sora is very aware of other people's feelings and does her best to keep the peace, but she also has a bit of a temper and, when it's been loosed, she can get a bit arsey. However, this doesn't happen very often and she's rather thankful for it. She hates having a go at people and always wonders why they can't just sit down and talk it through. This doesn't mean she doesn't enjoy winding up her friends at times – she likes to have fun – but she knows when it's going too far, which can happen all too easily with some of the characters in the group. She can also get a little touchy at times, but she'll usually blame it on the time of the month.

Re: Sora Takenouchi, 21?!

history ,

Haruhiko Takenouchi, 49; father:
Sora doesn't really see her dad all that much, what with his busy work in his own area of the university, but she does spend more time with him these days than she ever did when she was younger. She's pretty grateful for it, although she never quite knows what to say to him.

Toshiko Takenouchi, 48; mother:
Sora's relationship with her mother once again became strained when she quit her first university course to start on another, but they're handling it pretty well and Toshiko is pleased that Sora's taking an interest in something feminine. They have lunch together at least once a week, so it can't be all that bad.


Jyou Kido, 22; room mate:
Sora and Jyou share a flat, and Sora's actually pretty glad for it. He's the person she can relax around most and it's when they're stuck with each other that she manages to stop being such a mother hen for a while. She nags him, sure, but only because he needs it. The neighbours think they're together (even though they're DEFINITELY not) and Sora does nothing to help the situation. It's too much fun to wind him up, and so easy to do!

Biyomon; digimon partner:
Sora has a tendency to feel guilty when seeing Biyomon, because she doesn't go to the digital world as often as she really should. Still, the two have a bond like you wouldn't believe and they're both generally just glad to see each other.

Yamato Ishida, 21; friend:
Sora doesn't really know where she stands with Yamato anymore. A brief fling and admittedly the remnants of her old crush mean that she tends to feel a little bit awkward around him. Still, she'd always be there for him.

Taichi Yagami, 21; best friend?:
Another person Sora isn't sure where she stands with. They've always been good friends and she doesn't think that'll ever change, but... Well, she just worries that she might lose her best friend one day. She hopes not and loves him to absolute pieces.

Takeru Takaishi, 17; friend:
Takeru is utterly adorable and the little brother she always wished she could have. She considers him a good friend, even if they don't have quite as much contact as they used to. Still, she's dead proud of him.

Miyako Inoue, 17; close friend:
Miyako is definitely one of the people Sora feels she can trust more than anyone, which is saying something – she trusts all her friends. They've spent a lot of time lately eating ice cream, watching chick flicks and winding up Jyou for joining them, but at the end of the day she's pretty worried about Miyako still. She suppresses it pretty well. Sometimes. Well, okay, rarely but she DOES try.

Daisuke Motomiya, 18; friend:
Sora actually worries about Daisuke the least because despite all appearances, she believes he has a good head on his shoulders. Sure, he can be a bit brash, but so could Taichi and she can be just the same at times. He has Takeru to look after him and vice versa. It's adorable. She generally enjoys having a chat with him because he always leaves her with a smile on her face.

Iori Hida, 16; friend:
Oh, geez. She owes Iori a big apology – she practically ignored him for the last year and was so wrapped up in herself, well... She hopes he'll forgive her, maybe. They were never particularly close but as the youngest of the destined, she was always poking someone to keep an eye on him when she couldn't.

Ken Ichijouji, 18; er...:
Frankly? Sora never seemed to really talk to Ken and then he went missing... well, presumed dead. She worried, privately, but she really isn't sure about him. She's kind of hedging her bets and is going to follow everyone else's lead.

Catherine Delaitre, 18; friend of a friend:
Catherine's nice enough, although Sora admits to a teeensy little bit of jealousy on her part because, well, the girl is so adorable! She'd like to get to know her a lot better.

(She's not 19 until April.)

Posting what I have so far...I got a little silly about it, talking about friends more in the way Tatum would. Also her qualities have negative sides to them, so I just put them once and talked about both. I hope that's alright.

Optimistic -- Tatum is an optimist on all accounts. She always thinks things will work out for the best and isn't afraid to tell you so. She pretty much always has a smile on her face.
Creativity -- From Fashion to Photography to Theatre to Music and Skating, Tatum is a patron of the arts and a muse herself. She loves all of art and is willing to participate in anything--even finger painting! But she is very creative in everything she does.
Talkative -- This is a positive and a negative, really. It depends on who she's talking to really--some people love talking, some love listening, and some just want her to shut up. She can talk about just about anything. She's also rather charming, and talking is part of it.
Loyalty -- She's loyal to a fault!
Gregarious -- Tatum is a social butterfly, but every once in a while it's too much. She will become the opposite of what people know her as---she gets mellow, quiet and sometimes even moody. She tends to disappear once in a while, needing some alone time, and usually will just take a long walk. If not, she's sitting in some secret hiding place in a window, looking out at the world in silence. The silence is deafening.

Riley Merrydew (Mother) 46 -- Being the only daughter, Tatum is very close to her mother. Her mother passed down the knowledge (and gift) of photography to her daughter. Riley gave her a camera when she was four and told her to push the button if she saw something she liked and wanted to remember it, (Tucker wasn't happy about this, there was some good blackmail material in that roll of film.)
Rhys Merrydew (Father) 46 -- Rhys is weird. He was the father who always wanted a little girl, and so of course, she's his little girl. He's also the one who stays at home, since he can work from home. He was also the playboy in high school until he met Riley--they have a cute story, but that's where Tatum's charm comes from.
Tucker Merrydew (Older Brother) 21 -- Tucker and Tatum are the siblings who IM each other from their own rooms to be silly. Think about it. They're super close, mostly because they're so close in age. They tease each other relentlessly, but with love.
Tommy Merrydew (Younger Brother) 10 -- Tommy is the youngest, and is treated as such. But he's still very well loved by all. Tatum will sit around with her brothers on saturday mornings at home and watch cartoons and eat cereal. Sometimes they'll play video games until Tommy's bedtime on saturday nights.

Sammy (bffl) -- Friends since that first fateful day in Kindergarten. Always the first person that hears just about everything. They do so much together but now they're separated for college, but they still talk all the time and send packages and photos and video chat once in a while.
Zack (good buddy) -- Sort of the 3rd part of the Sammy & Tatum combination. They met in High School. Literally smashing into each other the second week of Freshman year---Zack was lost. He's big on history and is sort of a loser for it. No ones sure if he's gay or straight.
Michael Washington (fabulous gal pal...I mean guy friend) -- Michael is definitely one of her best friends, but since he started university/college he's been much busier. Occasionally they meet for lunch or coffee or to go out to one place or another. He always comes to watch her routines for skating and sometimes skates with her.
Koushiro Izumi (good friend) -- Koushiro's the geek and Tatum's the popular girl. You've seen all the movies. But we're only about an hour into this one.
Catherine Adèle Delaitre (Kindred Spirit) -- Kindred spirit like woah. Sometimes people think they're related--cousins at the least, sisters at the most.
Sora Takenouchi (Fabulous Fashionista) -- Sora and Tatum, both in the same major, tend to trade their work via email when wanting a second opinion. If Tatum is visiting Japan she will also usually crash at Sora and Jyou's place.

...More later!


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