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Errrm, so, just wondering if anyone is still around here.

*tumbleweeds roll by*

Seriously though, if anyone is, um, plans to attempt to bring this thing back from it's grave? We might have to shake off a few maggots or so, but hey, it'll be good fun.

RP Log: Ken and Iori

What: Iori grows a pair and visits Ken.
Why: cuz lol!drama
When: November 2010
Who: Ken and Iori
Where: Ken's apartment

[[This is a log Jess and I started... a long effin' time ago.  We cowboy'd up and finished it a few months ago, and I just got around to editing and posting it, well, today!  After having read through a lot of my old logs here, I love and miss my Ken to abandon him so thoroughly.  So Jess and I are campaigning (through our own activity) to keep the DV alive!  Tomorrow we're intending to start a new log, and both of us would love to hear from anyone who wants to plot with our lovely character~]]


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Group Chat Time!

Monday. As in tomorrow, November 8th. Timezones suck, so I'm just going to throw out 2 pm EST. Who's available, and if you aren't, when can you be available?

New plan XD. Add when you're available, and we'll try to work out a time that's best for everyone.

(Go go team!)
angry hikari is angry

*Massive Poke*

So I think everyone's noticed that practically no one is updating (myself included). And that totally needs to be fixed. Not entirely sure what happened, but somehow we went from "YAY RENEWAL" to practically dead.

So, um, here goes me trying to round people back up? I know I'm not a mod or anything, but I really love this rp and don't want to see it die out. So why not make our own attempt at reviving it, at least until a mod steps in?

Erm. So who's still around, and can anyone poke at others who have slipped off the face of the earth?
1/2 face

Where do we go from here?

So I feel that I have been a total slacker, I am feeling that Wallace is not really involved and is sort of a "dead character". I am wondering who wants to play with me and help him develop. I have been Wallace for a few years now and know him well, but something happened and I feel that he is distant. He just lost his story somehow and is not sure how to just jump in at this point.

So if you are bored, is my address if you want to help with an RP plan.